17 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools To Supersize Your Blog Income

Which a third-party partner is paid a commission to promote a business’s products or services. Affiliate marketing programs also offer monetisation tools for business models that do not sell products or services, such as bloggers and influencers. Most affiliate marketing software tools make it easier to sign up new affiliates, manage referrals, and pay commissions. Businesses can integrate their affiliate marketing strategy with referral marketing programs to help grow web traffic, boost social sharing, and increase sales.

affiliate marketing tools

This section will list affiliate programs with high-income potential that are suitable for beginners. Furthermore, we’ll also provide you with each program’s stats, including its pros and cons. With this in mind, we have compiled 30+ top affiliate programs to help you maximize your earning potential. We’ll also cover the definition of the affiliate program and how it works, along with its different types. Constant Contact doesn’t have a free plan, but you can try it for an entire month.

Amazon Associates – Best for beginner affiliate marketers

Automatically integrate all your affiliate sales in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Microsoft Ads and more. Unlimited clicks, pay only for conversions, save 50% of your cost. Combining marketing automation, inbound marketing and interactive affiliate marketing tools communication. With customers in over 175 countries, SimplyCast provides organizations the ability to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Deep and easy-to-read reports, and provides high protection for CPA, CPI, CPM, CPL & CPC.

  • In this article, we have reviewed the best affiliate marketing programs to get started with, no matter the niche.
  • This is great if you want to understand how each piece of content converts, and eventually understand your SEO return on investment.
  • Another of the tools from the Thrive Themes Suite, Thrive Ultimatum is great for adding some urgency or scarcity to an evergreen funnel.
  • Once you’ve picked your niche , you’ll need to decide what channel you’re going to use to grow your brand and promote affiliate products and services.
  • EHarmony is a dating website with over 20 years under its belt.

“Costs vary, but most leading networks will charge a one-off set up fee of between £1,000 and £5,000, plus a monthly administration charge of around £300,” says Whittington. The Knowledge Academy’s Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course provides an understanding of techniques of copywriting and finding mentors using various tools and software. Create custom product and voucher feeds, build specific reports, and receive your payment information. Get paid within 72 hours after transaction approval, allowing you to swiftly re-invest into your online activities.

Affiliate Monkey team Interviewing Theodosis Lapatas, Head of Affiliates at ZuluTrade.

If you’re targeting beginner traders, an advertisement of educational materials or risk-free demo trading accounts might be effective. Schedule posts in advance and improve their performance with social media management tools. In addition, you can use the statistics provided by these programs to determine which sorts of postings are most effective in generating a response. GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. As an affiliate manager, you could find yourself spending hours every month creating and sending out proposals.

With Outbrain smart targeting toolkit, you can promote your affiliate ads to the best audience. Portal, easy sharing, tracking stats, and powerful rewards (automatic fulfillment, tiers/milestones, recurring, commission/fixed, etc). Kartra, the all-in-one platform to run your business, manages and tracks your affiliate sales, so you can quickly and efficiently build an army of salespeople, without the stress or number-crunching.

Great value for money

SAAS based Affiliate platform that performs tracking, reporting, conversions, pay-in, payouts and more in real time. We charge for conversions, not clicks it allows businesses save up to 90% of their costs. As a HOQU user, you also get access to HOQU Marketplace a place to list your Network and offers to get more exposure. We take care of commissions and payouts to your affiliate network.

We are a team of result driven affiliate junkies, devoted to performance and always looking to make the advertising world a better place. Reach out and learn how we can accelerate your online business. An intelligent and understandable interface works alongside you to make optimising your approach an easy task. We offer a diverse set of tools that allow you to dig deep into your results, filter out the relevant information and present it for optimal use. Benefit from a broad spectrum of creatives and tools all integrated in one platform, you won’t need anything else.


This program is easy to integrate with your website without any technical skills. There are also advanced features, including customizable search boxes and multi-lingual data feeds. You can easily monetize your traffic with features such as multi-currency tools, dedicated customer support, and multi-language support. Keep in mind that the company will only send the payment two months after the reservation is complete.

affiliate marketing tools

Therefore you can send them to a form from your offer page where they can attach their invoice to prove their purchase and you can email them the bonus. The payment methods are PPC, which is earning https://xcritical.com/ money regardless of whether a reader buys the product. As far as great affiliate programs go, Microsoft has a strong brand authority, so there will always be a market for the products.

Which is the best affiliate marketing tool for displaying affiliate links?

Additionally, you can research leads and your competitors to stay ahead. Scaling your business and engaging leads isn’t always easy and it can be extremely time-consuming. If you want to automate your processes, you should really look into finding a sales CRM that can help you out along the way. Our tool safeguards your Paid Search ads from brand bidding and trade mark abuse. Create and manage your affiliate program in minutes, Test your hypothesis, pick the winning result and drive more affiliate revenue.

affiliate marketing tools

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