Selection of dressing

One of the keys to staying fashionable in any situation is versatility. Few of us have time to head home and change after work before a night out, so being able to transform your daytime outfit into evening-appropriate attire is an essential skill! Here’s how you can take your outfit from day to night:

1. Choose a simple base

Having a versatile outfit that you can adapt to any occasion starts with having a simple base layer, such as a shift dress or a button-down shirt and slacks. Choose neutral colours and simple prints so that your outfit is easier to accessorize.

2. Switch your shoes

One of the easiest ways to make your workwear feel ready for a night out is by changing your footwear. If you’re wearing flats to work, take a pair of cute pumps with you to change into after work. Consider a heel with a print or bold colour, depending where you’re headed for the night.

3. Ditch the cardigan or blazer

There’s nothing wrong with a cute cardigan or blazer, but if the colour is muted, you may want to consider taking it off for the evening. If you’re concerned about feeling cold, consider opting for a scarf or shawl for a more evening-friendly look.

4. Choose a statement necklace

Shift dresses or button-down shirts are workplace essentials that also happen to be really easy to accessorize — especially with jewelry. To add instant glamour to your workwear, choose a glitzy statement necklace or pair of earrings, or both!

5. Add a clutch

Large, bulky bags and carry-alls that you use to tote around your laptop and lunch bag aren’t ideal to take to a fancy restaurant or bar. Instead, move items like your wallet, lipstick, keys and other essentials to a smaller bag like a clutch.

6. Add a bold lip

Sometimes, you don’t need anything more than a quick swipe of lipstick to make your outfit evening-ready. If you like wearing makeup, you can opt for a bold lip colour, like red, that you wouldn’t otherwise wear during the daytime.