Take Care of New Clothes

There’s something about a brand new outfit that’s hard to beat. New clothes feel fresh, crisp and make you feel your best. However, even after as few as a couple of washes, new clothes can begin to lose their shine.

At Ideal Ladies Wear, we believe that your clothes should last and make you feel great for years to come! Here are some tips for taking care of your new clothes so they continue to feel new:

1. Buy quality clothing

The first step in making clothes last is to buy quality pieces. While these pieces may seem more expensive at first, you’ll likely end up saving money in the long-term. By investing in quality pieces that are made to last, you’ll spend less money on clothes because you won’t have to replace them every season.

2. Read the labels

Every piece of clothing has a label telling you how to wash it, and you should pay close attention if you want your pieces to last. Some clothes need to be dry-cleaned, others need to be hand-washed, like colours should be washed together and other items may need to be air-dried. Following these guidelines is essential for making sure your clothes don’t get ruined on laundry day. You should also consider washing your clothes less often, as the washing process can be quite damaging to the fibres.

3. Rotate your clothing

We’ve all been there: you have a great pair of jeans or a brand new top that you absolutely love, and you wear it over and over again, while your older pieces go unworn. Consider rotating your clothes so that individual pieces are worn less often. This will help to extend their life. Try putting freshly washed garments at the back of your closet, so pieces you haven’t worn recently are pushed to the front.

4. Store clothes properly

The way you store your clothes can have a big impact on how long they last. Heavy sweaters, for example, should be folded and stored on a shelf, not kept on a hanger. Keep buttons buttoned and zippers zipped so they won’t pull on other garments. Consider purchasing high-quality hangers that won’t stretch out the shoulders of your blouses and tops, and be sure to always store clothing in a cool, dry place, even when you’re storing off-season clothes.

5. Adjust the settings on your dryer

When it comes to laundry day, many of us don’t think twice about throwing all of our clothing into the dryer and not touching the dials. Unfortunately, the dryer can have the most damaging effect on your clothing, so it’s important to pay attention to the settings. To avoid shrinking, fading and pilling, adjust your dryer to a lower temperature setting or, if your dryer doesn’t have an adjustable temperature, consider drying your clothes for 15 minutes less than usual.

At Ideal Ladies Wear, we carry high-quality clothing from some of the best women’s clothing brands to help you look and feel your best!